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As a team of qualified physiotherapists, we specialise in canine physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, rehabilitation and fitness work.

We are a full service practice; our advanced facilities allow us to offer a complete package of care for your lovely dog and you. We can provide your dog therapy choices and integrated therapeutic care plans.

We offer a choice of land based physiotherapy; water-based physiotherapy – hydrotherapy and aquatic therapy; rehabilitation techniques; fitness programmes;  positive behaviour solutions and management strategies to devise movement solutions.

We use Movement Enrichment techniques including Therapeutic Handling, to build a professional bond of trust and confidence with your dog and provide you with tools and resources to continue your dog care at home.

Sarah Ward- Clinical Services Principal

As a canine specialist in physiotherapy, hydrotherapy , behavioural solutions and canine rehabilitation, I help you manage the best way forward to improve your dog’s mobility and quality of life.

My vision is to offer the best canine clinical services to Suffolk and the surrounding areas, providing a high quality holistic approach for dogs and supporting their owners. 


Our suite of interlinking therapy rooms includes clinics and wet rooms with a heated hydro pool, aquatic treadmill, therapeutic ramps, therapy shower systems, underwater pods and a therapeutic massager.

We offer advanced aquatic treatments to include aquatic canine “pawlates”; canine “tai chi”; body balance conditioning and natural balanced motion work.

Using canine Therapeutic Handling techniques we work with your dog and gently guide and movement shape your dog into the hydro pool or aquatic treadmill to achieve a calm and controlled entry. We always have “hands on contact” with your dog whilst administering their selected treatment techniques. 

K9HS maintains the highest water quality and we have regular water testing and certification.

K9HS Physiotherapy + Hydrotherapy
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