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All our clinic sessions are by appointment only and we ask you to complete our straightforward 3-step registration process:

Our registration process is easy and we look forward to meeting you and your dog at your first booked clinic appointment. We discuss what you need to bring on the phone before you attend.

If you wish, you are welcome to book an initial 10 minute visit to meet us and see our facilities prior to making your first appointment and your dog is welcome too! This is an additional free option we offer to ensure all your queries are answered and a few clients like to request this option.

To book your appointment:


Download + COMPLETE OUR Vet Referral Form

Contact K9HS to make your appointment


We aim to provide you with a highly professional, caring and friendly service and require you to read and accept the terms below –

  • All dogs treated at K9HS require a current signed and dated Veterinary Referral Form. When we receive your completed referral form, we will book the initial consultation
  • An email will be sent to confirm your booked appointment and will include an invoice for the session. Payment methods include online bank payments, cash payment or cheque (made payable to “K9HS Physiotherapy + Hydrotherapy”)
  • We accept you may occasionally need to cancel your booked appointment and our cancellation policy requires a 48 hour notice period. For cancelled appointments outside this period or non-attendance, the session fee will be charged in full
  • K9HS will make all efforts to contact owners if an appointment needs to be changed or cancelled, but will not accept liability for any losses or damage
  • If your dog has an infectious or contagious condition, you are required to inform us to reschedule your appointment 
  • Kennel cough is highly contagious, if you suspect your dog has been exposed to or has developed kennel cough, then they are not permitted to attend clinic for 14 days
  • If your bitch comes into season you must inform us as she will be unable to attend clinic until her season is over 
  • It is very important not to feed your dog prior to a hydrotherapy session and you will be guided by your therapist and advised of the protocols to follow post session
  • If the hydro pool or aquatic treadmill are fouled, an additional fee of £65 will be charged due to extra cleaning and possible closure of the wet room
  • We have grassy areas around the centre for you to toilet your dogs, please leave plenty of time for this on arrival prior to your booked session and please ensure you clear up after your dog
  • We have signposted parking facilities and K9HS is not responsible for any damage, theft or injury caused by persons using the car park
  • Please keep your dog under control at all times and they should be on a lead to ensure their safety
  • Please read and abide by the visitors health and safety information on entering the centre and wear clean, sensible footwear which is mud free. You are welcome to bring a change of footwear for inside the centre to meet this requirement 
  • We understand that at certain times of the year it can be a challenge to keep your dog mud free and ask you to bring as clean a dog as possible to the centre
  • K9HS has a responsible eco-friendly water management system and will maintain the highest water quality at all times 
  • We have additional guidelines which cover living with Covid and these will be emailed to you, prior to your first booked appointment


Fill out sections A and B, then kindly request your vet to complete section C and email the form to K9HS for our attention.

3. Contact us FOR your appointment

Contact Details

K9HS Physiotherapy + Hydrotherapy          Bedingfield House Farm                            Bedingfield                                                  Eye, Suffolk IP23 7LG

Friday – Tuesday 9 am – 4 pm with weekend clinics
Clinic phone: 01728 685755

Mobile: 07894 342 144


Initial consultation:
60 minutes  —  £ 65

Follow up sessions:
45 minutes —  
£ 65

If your dog needs a little more time we provide this at no extra cost. We try to work to time in our clinics and have allowances scheduled in to ensure we can offer you the best service.

K9HS Physiotherapy + Hydrotherapy
Bedingfield House Farm
Suffolk, IP23 7LG

Tel: 07894 342 144

For appointments: